The Beijing Straightway Trade Co.Ltd. is a meltiple functional company. We generally have 3 business as follow:

We play the role as a distributor to sell the aviation materials including aircraft engines, fuselages,landing gears, APU and related toolings for the manufactures and suppliers. To comply with the airworthiness regulations we guaranty that the regulatory tracibility of material must be followed by ours experienced team. For instance we entrusted by a Chinese famous aero-space plant for the sale of diversity precise mchining parts; We are authorized as representative by an American corporation dedicating to Aviation material supply and aircraft component subcontract repair and modification.

Our another business is thServices for Mining Commodity Transactions.

Confronting the mighty needs on mining resources by Chinaour company has positively devoted to the great affairs of international resource complementarity to import the foreign high quality of mining resources(including metal products, ores and the cooperation for mining exploit) to the Chinese leading mining plants and companies. With all kindness of us we provide the reliable, authentic, and efficient services at same time to our dear customers to establish the trusted relationship between them for their cooperation directly.

Simultaneously we also participate the international aviation talent communication. For example we recommend the oversea pilots working in Chinese air lines and recruit trainees for aviation schools abroad. Straightway is organized by experienced aviation experts who have undertaken the aviation works for long term and focus on complying strictly with aviation safety standards of aviation authorities and the respective international companies' Safety & Quality Audit requirements. Our management is the member of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Association(AOPA). We also keep heavily in long-term relationships with clients, customers, aircraft manufacturers and maintenance & overhaul providers.

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Material's Import
Materials' Export

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